By My Country Cooking.

I was fortunate enough to get one of these pizza braai ovens as a birthday gift from my wife and children. Intimidated at first as to how it would actually work, my son gave me an introductory demonstration. Easy as Pie! Just like all other braais one develops a feeling for heat and time required for a perfect braai. The same goes for the Pizza Braai. You will soon be in total control of this amazing oven. It really bakes the perfect pizza and even has that wood fired flavour to it if you place embers underneath it.

The design is really simple and functional, and the build quality is exceptional. It is really well constructed with heavy gauge metal and stainless steel. It is easy to clean and with the good craftmanship it will certainly last a lifetime.

I make my own pizza bases in batches of four, pre-bake them and then freeze them. My recipe makes four large pizzas and the cut-offs will be enough for a fifth one. The fifth one might be a bit tougher when baked due to the overhandling of the dough.

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