Cooking time: 10 - 15 minutes

Serves: 3-4

This is a really simple recipe where restaurant-quality snails meets home-made passion.

• Snails, 200g Tin-drained
• Freshly Chopped Garlic, 5-7 cloves
• Salted Butter, 250g
• Mozzarella, 300-400g
• Garlic & Herb Spice
• Parsley, Finely Chopped
• Ciabatta Bread


In a fire-proof pan, heat up the butter and stir until all the butter has melted

Add the chopped garlic (real garlic! not that fake crushed garlic)

Add the drained snails to the butter and stir for about 30 seconds

Add the Garlic & Herb spice and keep stirring for 2-3 min

Stir constantly and don’t let the garlic turn brown as this will leave
a bitter taste

Cook until the froth/foam from the butter has subsided. Once this happens you can scoop the snails into your snail bowls

Add the mozzarella and Garlic & Herb spice on top and set aside

Cut your ciabatta into slices, lightly brush with butter or olive oil, and toast them lightly in your Pizza Braai

Place your snail bowls in the Pizza Braai and bake for 2-3 minutes or until the cheese is melted. You can add extra heat for this part

Once they are done, tilt your drawer upward to allow the oil from the cheese to run off and wipe clean with a kitchen towel

Serve with the toasted ciabatta and sprinkle finely chopped parsley just before serving.