Our Story

In 2012 we first had the idea to design a pizza oven that can fit into a braai. Soon we realized that serious heat is needed to make great tasting pizza.

On a Friday afternoon the first prototype was build and that Saturday we had our very first pizza braai party. The idea was great and it worked. It worked so well that we decided to upsize the design to be used in our wedding venue to make pizzas for up to 120 guests. Years and many pizza braai parties past and we never realized the true potential of our pizza braai.

2020 arrived, lock down struct and everyone was at home and a lot of braaiing was done. Having disassembled the first prototype, we only had the upsize version of our pizza braai which is way to big for a normal braai.

The urge for pizza grew, but also the need to have a pizza braai small enough that it can stay in your braai when not in use, but still have enough space to braai. Back to the drawing board.

A completely new design was drawn up and the prototype was build. The design worked even better, faster, it was much smaller and we soon learnt that it was also versatile. Soon we had another pizza braai party and our friends wanted one of our Pizza Braai’s. Having to build 10  pizza braai’s we figured, why not build more.

And so Pizza Braai™ was born.

Patent number: F2020/01587 | A2020/01586


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we do. Please drop us a mail at and we will gladly assist.

What wood should I use?

Any DRY fire wood will work, hard wood like Doring hout will be the quickest and hottest.

If your wood is still wet, then obviously it will take longer to get you Pizza Braai hot enough.

What is the Pizza Braai measurements?

42cm L x 37cm W x 15cm H 17.8 kg (including 1 x pizza spade)

Do you have a full stainless steel Pizza Braai?

Yes, we have built one, but honestly we do NOT recommend it.

We have built a full Stainless Steel Pizza Braai for testing purpose and here are our findings.

  • It takes longer to heat up and it loses its heat much quicker.
  • It takes longer to bake your pizza.
  • After the third use it started warping. Big no no here.
  • The heat doesn’t spread evenly trough the stainless steel resulting in uneven cooking.
  • It’s difficult to clean. Once you have made your first fire on the stainless steel it loses its shine.
  • The pizza/food lacks flavour, we don’t know how to explain this but it just tastes different.

Overall we are not satisfied with the performance of the Stainless Steel test and thus we cannot give it the Pizza Braai stamp of approval.

What material/metal is the Pizza Braai made of?

We take quality very seriously.

4.0mm Low Carbon steel with a heat and rust resistant coating and a 430 Stainless steel faceplate, handle and pizza spade.

How long does the pizza take to be cooked?

3-5 minutes. If your pizza takes longer than 5minutes, your box wasn’t hot enough. (make more fire)

How long does delivery take?

Depending on the area, 2 – 5 working days.

Can I use charcoal?


Will the pizza have a wood fire taste / how does the pizza get a wood fire taste?

Yes. You place a small amount of coal/embers under the Pizza Braai. The Pizza Braai is designed to allow the smoke to enter from the bottom and flow over the pizza giving it that wood fire taste.

Do you have a double Pizza Braai that makes 2 pizzas at a time?

The Pizza Braai will literally bake your pizza faster than your guests can eat them. Only once you start making pizza for more than 10 guests at a time will we recommend using two Pizza Braai’s

If a second Pizza Braai is needed it is also much easier to have them as single units side by side as to one big Pizza Braai that will be too big and won’t be portable anymore.

One of the many features of the Pizza Braai is its portability and making it double the size will make it not portable.

With the Pizza Braai popping out piping-hot pizza’s every 4-5 minutes the only question really is “how fast can you eat pizza”

What other foods can be cooked in the Pizza Braai?

Probably one of the best features of the Pizza Braai is its versatility.

The Pizza Braai is essentially a small oven, so anything you can make in an oven can be made in the Pizza Braai. The Pizza Braai just adds that extra smokiness to your food which taste so much better that a normal oven.

Although the Pizza Braai can reach very high temperature (420C°) it’s actually very easy to regulate your heat. Like with a braai, lots of coal ensures lots of heat and less coals give you less heat.

Using this method, you can basically cook anything in the Pizza Braai.

Here are some ideas, some more adventurous than other:

  • Nacho’s
  • Ensaladas
  • Slow roasted Lamb Ribs
  • Pork Ribs
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Grilled Hassle Back Potatoes
  • Pork Belly
  • Buns
  • Grilled Giant Mushrooms
  • Baked Muffins
  • Grilled Sandwiches – We are not going to call them braaibroodjies because that will just be wrong.
  • Butterflied Leg of Lamb
  • Grilled Halloumi cheese
  • Grilled Fish
  • Braai Pies
  • S’mores
  • Malva Pudding
  • And so much more….

The possibilities are endless and part of the fun is trying out new ideas in your Pizza Braai.