Hey there braai lover, let’s cut to the chase, you HAVE to add this to your braai paraphernalia/stash. If you’re serious about braais, braai recipes, good food, supporting local, then get onto the website www.pizzabraai.co.za and hit that order button.

Disclaimer: We’ve not been sponsored by Pizza Braai™ – We’re just raving about it because it’s THAT good!

What is it?

It is exactly what it says it is. It’s an easy to transport, mobile Pizza Braai! Okay, okay, so it’s a little more than that. It’s a wood fired pizza oven that even a novice braai enthusiast can master. Heck, my cooking skills are lacklustre but some of the meals that have been whipped up in this little pocket-pizza-braai-oven (sounds cool right?) has had even the Man and Man-cub impressed. And if you think this is only for pizzas, you’d be wrong. Some of the meals we’ve seen prepared by following the Instagram page of Pizza Braai™ has had us drooling over our phones. It’s local, it’s lekker and proudly South African.

How does it work?

Here’s the best bit and the part we’re sure will have many South Africans happy – FIRE UP THAT BRAAI!

Yes, light a match, stoke the flames, and let’s get cooking because it’s braai time.  When ordering your Pizza Braai™ you will receive an instruction manual that will explain the basics but we’ve also found the Instagram, Facebook pages and website to be really helpful. Some of the braai recipes we picked off the social pages included braai sides, pizzas on the fire, roast vegetables, roast meats, there’s so much that every meal will be a culinary adventure.

We’re huge fans of Goongalicious Pizza thus don’t make our own pizza bases (remember those lackluster cooking skills mentioned above) and they rank highly with the Little Dude which makes it a firm favourite for us but, experiment, make your own bases, throw a mish mash of veggies together and see what happens. Food is supposed to be fun, delicious and an ADVENTURE. 

How do you order?

It’s simple. Visit the website Pizza Braai, visit their Instagram page @pizzabraai or even hit them up on WhatsApp. These humans are making it super easy for you to enjoy the ultimate South African pastime. I placed my order for a left-handed Pizza Braai™ via their website and was kept updated on my order via WhatsApp. The day it arrived there was great joy because every woman knows the real way to a man’s heart is with Braai Gifts. Yes, braai gifts for him and this one will earn you huge brownie points.

Whether it’s a gift for him, whether you’re buying it for yourself, if you’re a braai fanatic, this is a MUST HAVE! If it’s a gift for him, the chaps at Pizza Braai have made sure it comes wearing it’s Sunday best. They’ve thought of everything. Huge shoutout to this local brand bringing the heat.

On your marks, get set…BRAAI!

RATING: 10 out of COOKING 10!

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