The Original Model

The Original is the smallest and lightest, but don’t let this fool you into thinking it cannot deliver a heated punch.

The Original is the best at making pizza, heats up the quickest, reach the highest temperatures and bakes your pizza the fastest.

If you are serious about proper pizza and planning on making
a lot of pizzas, the Original model is for you.

With the Original you can also cook pork bellies, roasted
potatoes, veggies and so much more but are somewhat limited with the height of the food that you cook in it, because of the inside height of the drawer.

The Original will take about 25-40 minutes to heat up and can easily reach temperatures of 300-340 C allowing a pizza to be baked in 4 minutes. 

Everything you bake in the Original will bake quicker than your home oven due to the compact size and intense heat in the Pizza Braai.

The Original do require the user to keep an eye on the food as forgetting it in the Pizza Braai will result in your food being burnt –
almost like forgetting to turn the meat on a braai.

The Original is really quick, trust us.

The XL Series

The XL Series is our most versatile Pizza Braai option and
more for the “other stuff”.

Compared to the Original model the XL is bigger, heavier,
takes longer to heat up and won’t reach those insane temperatures that the Original can reach.

The XL will take about 40-60 minutes to heat up and will
easily reach temperatures of 200-275 C allowing you to bake pizza in about 5 minutes. (Under the right conditions 300C can be reached)

Cooking/baking time in the XL is very similar to a home oven.

Although the XL is milder on the heat, this is actually one of its better features. The lower heat allows the user to bake and cook dishes that requires longer cooking times and you don’t have to worry about the scorching high temperatures. It’s a more relaxing cooking session allowing you to sit back and relax and not having to check up on your food every now and then.

The XL’s bigger size is the main feature allowing the user to cook larger types of food (larger chickens, larger pieces of ribs, pork bellies, leg or racks of lamb and even bake breads and desserts).

The higher design of the XL comes from user requests wanting the ability to cook larger food types at lower temperatures.

So which one should you choose ?

If baking proper pizza is your main priority and you’re not too worried about cooking the “other stuff”, the Original is your option. Although you will still be able to play around with a variety of other dishes that can be cooked very quickly.

If you are more into the other types of food with the ability to still make pizza, then the XL is your better option.  The XL is probably the closest thing you will get to your home oven but for your braai.